Breast Milk Donations from Texas Children's Pediatrics Mothers Benefit Our Smallest Patients

Mother’s milk is the ideal nutrition for most infants. It is especially vital for very premature infants. Human milk has notable positive effects on babies born prematurely; some would say it acts as a medicine for these small, sick babies. Studies have shown that infants weighing fewer than 3 pounds who received a 100% human milk diet reduced the odds of developing life-threatening intestinal and respiratory diseases and infections.

Some mothers find it difficult to express their breast milk when their infants are ill and separated from them in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Luckily, mothers from Texas Children's Pediatrics clinics who produce more milk than their own infant needs can donate their milk for these hospitalized infants.

From October 2011 to November 2012, mothers of patients from the following Texas Children’s Pediatrics practices donated the most extra breast milk:

  • Texas Children’s Pediatrics Pediatric Medical Group
    6 qualified donors, 171.53 L donated – enough to supply 29 infants for their entire hospitalization.
  • Texas Children’s Pediatrics Fannin
    4 qualified donors, 107.2 L donated – enough to supply 18 infants.
  • Texas Children’s Pediatrics Houston Pediatric Associates
    2 qualified donors, 26.35 L donated – enough to supply 4 infants.
  • Texas Children’s Pediatrics Humble Atascocita
    2 qualified donors, 20.34 L donated – enough to supply 3 infants.
  • Texas Children’s Pediatrics Pearland
    3 qualified donors, 18.88 L donated – enough to supply 3 infants.

Texas Children’s Hospital has promoted mother’s own milk feeding in the Newborn Center for many years through the Lactation Support and Milk Bank Services. Beginning in January 2009, all infants weighing fewer than 3 pounds admitted to the Newborn Center were fed donor breast milk if their mothers were unable to provide enough of their own milk. As a result of this initiative, incidences of some dangerous diseases and infections have decreased to below the national average. In an effort to continue providing these infants with a diet of 100% human milk, Texas Children’s Mothers’ Milk Bank recruits and qualifies human milk donors.

Help us help babies. Donating is simple. Please contact us today at 832-824-MILK (6455).